Where To Find The Best Hummus In Doha


ContributorTamer Rabbani is a long-time Doha resident and Founder of the Republic of Booza NYC, a part-time finance guy, part-time lecturer at Northwestern University. His favorite food is a tie between baba ghanoush and hummus.

Hummus needs no introduction; the now famous and global dip is very versatile. Whether eaten with bread or with a filling in the middle, this Middle Eastern staple is delicious and comes in different forms at different restaurants across Doha. Let’s look at some of the best spots in Doha to get your hummus fix.

Palestine Café

A long-time Doha Staple, but not the easiest place to find. Cheap and no-frills yet satisfying. Have it with their famous falafel, fried eggplants, or just french fries. You can find it here.

Nablus Restaurant

A hidden gem in Souk Waqif, more known for its shawarma in the late evenings, but if you do get to sit down, try their Hummus. They have their own twist with the Nabulsi Hummus. Check it out.

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Beirut Restaurant

Like Cafeteria Palestine, this is another Doha staple. Beirut restaurant has a no-frills hummus that you can enjoy with falafel, or you can get it with ground beef on top. Generous portions and incredible value. Try it for yourself.


Sawani Al Aker is more known for its Knafe; their hummus is as “original” as it gets for people who like traditional style. Check it out.


This Iraqi establishment makes a mean hummus. They have a shawarma version which they fill with their famous lamb shawarma. This is the appetizer platter with the hummus on the right. Give it a try.

Yamani House

Somewhat of a hole in the wall and with Yemeni cuisine not known for hummus, the hummus here is surprisingly good. It is served with Yemeni bread that gives it that extra, unique touch. Check it out.


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