Camels Are An Integral Part Of Qatari Culture

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Qatar is home to about 150.5 thousand camels, who have been engraved in the country’s rich heritage and culture for ages now. The word ‘camel’ is actually derived from the Arabic word ‘jamal’, which is translated as ‘beauty’! And Surely this approximately 680 kilogram and over 7-foot animal in the country is loved for its majestic beauty.

This majestic animal looks incredibly beautiful in the desert of Qatar. Seeing them in the roads is definitely a reminder of the rich culture and history of this country


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Ancient Qataris used camels to travel

Once upon a time, camels were the only mode of transport in Qatar before four-wheelers and other modes of transport took over. This magnificent animal can run hundreds of kilometers in the desert with little water for weeks or even months. Back then, Qataris travelled on camels through the deserts, developing and exploring different trade routes along the way.

Qatar’s Camel Pageants are world-famous

Qatar has been conducting camel pageants for years, where the best-looking and most active animal is awarded. People from the country and, at times, also from other Arab countries participate in the event. The recently held camel pageant during the FIFA World Cup 2022 has attracted loads of appreciation from across the world. The competition was designed to bring cultural awareness to World Cup visitors, and about fifteen camels have competed for the crown, paraded by fans while wearing bejeweled collars and draped in strings of gemstones.

When in Qatar, Camel meat is a must-try

The mouth-watering blend of traditional Arabic dishes and international flavors in its cuisine makes Qatar a heaven for food lovers. Camel meat dishes in Qatar can never fail to impress visitors. It can be a potential alternative to red meat for human consumption worldwide. Camel meat is nutritionally as good as any conventional meat source; in fact, it has an edge over beef or lamb due to its low intramuscular fat, low cholesterol content, and high iron content. One of many famous camel dishes is stuffed camel. This traditional dish is a whole stuffed camel with a mixture of rice, spices, and meat, which is then roasted over an open fire for several hours. Many Qataris serve stuffed camel on special occasions to impress guests with its unique and flavorful taste.


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