Eight Amazing Facts About Katara That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Katara has to be Qatar’s most beautiful place. Situated on the eastern coast between West Bay and the Pearl, Katara houses the offices of several big brands and multinational companies. Katara promises several amazing facilities, like an amphitheater, an opera house, a multi-purpose conference hall, a multi-purpose cinema, a beach, a conference hall, and a souq. Here we bring for you some epic facts about Katara that will surely blow your mind.

Here are eight epic facts about Katar
1. Katara Cultural Village is said to be the largest and most multicultural project in Qatar.

2. Cultural Village represents Qatar with the best architecture since there are many venues and landmarks built inside the village that are adding more to the excellence of its design and formation.

3. Many organizations have their head offices in Katara Cultural Village, which helps in the economic growth of the country. Some of them include the Qatari Society for Engineers, Visual Art Centre, Theatre Society, Qatar Music Academy, Qatar Fine Arts Society, Qatar Photography Society, and Childhood Cultural Centre, among others.

4. The murals and installations at Cultural Village add a significant artistic touch to the beauty of the village. The three main installations at Katara include: First, the Force of Nature, made of stainless steel and bronze, designed by Lorenzo Quinn, who is presenting the vision of the force of nature. Secondly, The Oryx Going Ahead is a masterpiece by Martin Ron. It is an 11-meter-tall installation that has the national wild oryx with the map of Qatar on its head. Using 3D art, making the oryx, and it protruding out of the wall is what makes it quite a popular piece of art. Lastly, Gandhi’s three Monkeys by Indian Artist Subodh Gupta is the most popular in the place and was installed in Katara in 2008. The installation was inspired by the three monkeys of Gandhi and it represents the metaphor of life similar to the original three monkeys of Gandhi, Speak no evil, see no evil, and talk no evil.

5. Katara is known for hosting Fath Al Kheir Journey, an event that aims to promote Qatar’s maritime heritage.

6. In order to promote artists and their skills, Katara holds several seminars and cultural events.

7. Katara is a perfect spot for tourists, especially those who are interested in discovering the art, magic, and beauty of Qatar. The valley includes the amphitheater, drama theater, halls and galleries for exhibition, and the masjids.

8. Katara is known for hosting mega-events like the Katara Art Forum, Aida, and the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup Draw.


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