Is Qatar Expensive To Live?


The cost of living in Qatar is strongly related to one’s lifestyle and country of origin. The monthly house rent can be up to one-third of a family income. Employers offer packages, including housing and transportation allowances, medical cover, or education allowance. Qatar does not impose salary taxes, making the country an attractive place to work and live in.

Groceries, Food

A lot of food is imported, making it more expensive than places like Europe or the USA. However, there is a wide range of grocery stores in Qatar that suit every pocket.

Likewise, Qatar is home to a variety of restaurants, from five-star fine-dining experiences to fast-food chains or local eateries. Two people in a fancy restaurant would pay approximately QAR 500 for a three-course menu, but prices are significantly lower at local eateries- and food is equally good.

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Rent strongly depends on the area you want to live in. At the Pearl, the luxury neighborhood that most expats choose to stay, rent for a one-bedroom flat costs around QAR 8,000 per month- some deals also include utilities costs- (and it can go up to 10,000 depending on the Tower and flat).

Rental costs can be lower in different areas of Qatar. It’s also important to highlight that most companies offer housing allowance or accommodate their employees in selected houses.

Healthcare Costs

Hamad Medical Corporation provides free emergency care for all registered members and a very good public health insurance for approximately QAR 200 per year. It’s essential to add that most companies in Qatar provide excellent private health insurance packages to their employees.

School Fees

Public schools are free in Doha, but only for locals. Expats will have to select a private school, and there is a wide range of excellent private schools, but they can be expensive. However, again, many employers in Qatar provide school allowances.







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