Qatar Ranks In The Top Five As One Of The Easiest Countries To Learn To Drive

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Driving is not just a passion or dream; it has become a necessity in today’s world. And blessed are those who are in countries where driving regulations are so well established that learning how to drive is like eating a slice of cake. However, there are several reports and students who claim that getting a driving license in many counties can cost an arm and a leg. Besides the tricky tests and a lot of information to learn before they are allowed on the highways seems tiring.

Where in the world is it easiest to learn to drive?

Zutobi, a leading international driver’s education company, has come up with a report ranking the easiest countries to learn to drive in the world. The report is based on the cost of tests, their difficulty, and the age limit permitted to drive.

Mexico ranked first with a 9.48/10 learn-to-drive score

The best part about Mexico is that in a large portion of the country, one does not legally have to take a practical test to get a license, just a theory test, and moreover, prior to 2018, there was no test at all. Moreover, the age limit for driving in Mexico is 15 years, which is younger than the majority of countries.

Qatar ranked second with a 7.39/10 learn-to-drive score

One can begin driving at the young age of fourteen, which is almost half a decade younger than the global average. The best part is that the driving test is way too pocket-friendly at just 110 Qatari Riyal which includes both a theory and practical section.

Latvia ranked third with a 7.03/10 learn-to-drive score

This European country is cheaper than Mexico and Qatar, as the test here only costs £26; however, the minimum driving age is older at 16.

United States ranked fourth with a 6.95/10 learn-to-drive score

The age limit at which you can drive in the USA is 16; however, a handful of states have slightly different laws. The cost of the test in the US is slightly below the worldwide average at £84 ($116).

Canada ranked fifth with a 6.93/10 learn-to-drive score

Canada stands in third place for being the easiest place to learn to drive in its continent. Canada’s score is only 0.02 behind the USA due to a marginally higher price of a test at £14 more expensive.


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