Qatar’s Transport Ministry Plans To Test Electric Air Taxis And Delivery Planes Early 2025

Bader Alaa
Qatar's transportation

Qatar will test electric air taxis and delivery planes in early 2025

The Ministry of Transport stated on May 19, 2024, on it’s official account on ‘X’ that it planss to test the services of electric air taxis and electric delivery planes in early 2025, as part of its strategy to establish and operate an integrated mobility ecosystem in Qatar.

The ministry has applied for all necessary approvals and coordination with the relevant Qatari groups in order to conduct such tests.

The Ministry of Transportation: “this step will help Qatar’s transport sector perform better”

According to the ministry, this step will help Qatar’s transport sector perform better by introducing a new concept of air mobility that makes use of cutting-edge global technologies and artificial intelligence (A.I.), improving the public transit system’s integration, coherence, sustainability, and eco-friendliness.

The ministry prioritises accomplishing the goals of the Third Qatar National Development Strategy (NDS3). NDS3 focuses on leveraging new technologies, attaining sustainable development, and economic diversification, as well as bolstering Qatar’s leading global position on the transport map, all of which contribute to the achievement of the Qatar National Vision 2030 goals.


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