A Qatari Man’s Vile ‘How To Hit A Woman’ Tutorial On YouTube Has No Place On The Internet


This is genuinely hard to hear.

A YouTube video in Arabic showing ‘the right way for a man to hit his wife’ has racked up over 50k views in just a few days.

In the video, a Qatari man uses a child to act out potential scenarios that may arise with a wife telling his audience that the only reason a man hits his wife is to discipline her ‘out of love, to make her feel his masculinity and to make her feel more feminine’.

The vlogger has riled internet users before with similarly distressing and controversial videos, engaging audiences with anti-social topics. His YouTube channel is labelled as independent with no affiliation with any party.

“It’s the man’s duty to run a smooth ship”

According to the video, the man is the leader of the house and it is his duty to run a smooth ship.

He goes on to reveal the three strike ‘process’ for disciplining a wife correctly:

  1. to advise the woman of her mistake
  2. to leave the marital bed
  3. hitting is a last resort (this is if the woman has misbehaved)

In the video, he uses a child as an example, getting into character and shouting, “why don’t you listen? How many times did I tell you not to leave the house without my permission?”

Then he taps the child on the shoulder and adds “I told you not to go out. I told you not to do it”, while telling the camera, “see how soft the hitting is?”

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It’s clear from the comments that there is little support for this abhorrent video

And the many comments that sarcastically ask questions like, “What’s the right way for a woman to hit a man?” and “how can we discipline our husbands?” are drawing the biggest number of likes.

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Above the ‘subscribe button’ there’s a ‘report button’

You know what to do. Link to the full video here

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