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10 Of The Best Start Ups In Dubai Right Now

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Dubai is fast getting a name as a city with a burgeoning start up scene and with the announcement of Expo 2020 the tech scene in particular has seen some huge growth.

We’ve rounded up a list of a few start ups in the city, these are definitely ones to watch out for. Who knows the next snap chat might be lurking below.

10. InternsME

This is a really handy employment site. These guys have finally acknowledged how difficult it is to get a job straight out of university and are offering a solution!

The site helps you create a video CV and they then ensure your video CV will get seen by the right employers across the UAE…this will totally stand out above silly paper CV’s!

Founder – Jean-Michel Gauthier

Founded – 2014


9. Namshi

Namshi is an online shopping website that has sky rocketed since it was founded in 2011. Free deliveries, hundreds of brands, and great customer service have people coming back to this site again and again.

There’s so much great stuff available you might want to wait for pay day before checking this site out.

Founder – Louis Lebbos

Founded – 2011


8. Eventtus

This app would have been so useful over the last few years (Hello Sandance 2014). The app keeps attendees of upcoming events informed of the events agenda, releases live announcements as well as increasing interactions and social buzz around events. This is seriously useful, check out their website for more details.

Founder – Mai Medhat

Founded – 2011


7. Class Dive

We’ve seen similar ones in other cities and we can really see this taking off in the Dubai. This app is for fitness classes; the customer pays one fee and can then work out at loads of different locations and try all sorts of workouts (there’s a maximum of three per studio per month).

If you’re bored of the classes your gym offers this is definitely the way to change things up a bit!

Founder – Avin Shahani

Founded – 2015


6. Nutrition Souq

Nutrition Souq is exactly what you might guess. An online market for all your nutritional needs. On the easy to use site you’ll find a nutritional store, fitness directories to find classes/personal trainers in your area (coming soon) and a fitness blog where you’ll pick up some really handy fitness tips! This one is only just getting started so watch this space.

Founder – Damien Brennan

Founded – 2014


5. Deliveroo

Hailing from the UK this app has been delivering food from the UK’s best local restaurants for almost two years. Deliveroo have now spread their wings in Dubai and with an ever-growing selection of great establishments this app is the future of food delivery in Dubai.

Founder – William Shu

Soon- to- launch


4. Mr Usta

Mr Usta was born out of a desire to provide everyone with an easy way to find quality trades people on the basis of customer feedback. Seems like a simple one, this is the one you need because you never know when it will come in handy!

Founder – Ibrahim Colak

Founded – 2014


3. JadoPado

JadoPado is a marketplace where people around the world come together to buy and sell new, used and refurbished stuff! It gives buyers incredible choice across a wide range of categories and it’s an easy to use, economical, secure experience.

Founder – Omar Kassim

Founded – 2010

jadopado logo1

2. Brndstr

Brndstr has a well established name among the tech industry as a seriously innovative brand. The tech geniuses at this office offer creative tech solutions and then build the technology for your brand. Interested in tech news? Sign up here for the Brndstr bullet, a weekly update that rounds up the coolest tech news out there.

Founder – Simon Hudson


1. Careem

No.1 had to go to Careem…the newer and younger version of Uber. It’s a mobile-app based chauffeur driven car booking service. The service allows you to order a car through your mobile phone, track your ride in real time, pay with a credit card and access receipts online. They also serve corporates who can sign up their staff and pay through monthly invoices. Will it replace rival Uber? Watch this space!

Founder – Karl Magnus Olsson

Founded – 2012


And special mentions go to…. Bridg

This app will probably be in everyone’s pockets in years to come. A practical and efficient way to pay for goods through your mobile. A local start up with huge potential it will be interesting to see how these guys progress. Have a look at their website for more info.


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