The Cost Of Expo2020 And Related Projects Has Been Estimated At A Mind-Boggling AED121 Billion

The value of Expo2020, and projects related to the six month event, is estimated at AED121 billion, according to BNC Network, a MENA based project research and intelligence provider.

This is a combination of the upgrades to transport infrastructure, (metro, airport and roads works are all undergoing improvements) commercial, residential and hospitality sectors according to the report via

The city is on track

The CEO of the BNC Network said the 'hectic' construction ongoing in Dubai reflects the impressive rate of progress.

As it stands, Dubai is way ahead in terms of its readiness to host Expo 2020, taking place in the Middle East for the first time in the event’s more than 150 years of history,

Avin Gidwani, Chief Executive Officer of BNC Network​

An event took place this weekend on JBR to give people a better insight into what the Expo is all about

The sustainable district is under construction

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