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The 8 Types Of People You’ll See Exercising In Dubai Marina

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The weather is absolutely spiffing right now, which means day and night Dubai Marina is pronged with people.

And with the summer months but a distant memory (cya laters humidity), the Marina loop is a handy, beautiful and best of all, free spot to get fit.

And it’s GREAT for people watching. Here are the regulars:

1. The ones peacocking their active wear

A mysterious crew, despite what the name suggests, they’re not actually taking part in any activity at all.

2. The one’s who don’t wear much

With rockin’ bods, they can actually get away with wearing the tiniest of short shorts… Nope we’re not jealous at all.

3. The athletes

This is their turf. And you can tell they just DESPISE the hordes of tourists who accumulate at various spots and get in the way of another PB.

4. The running groups who think they own the place

Just because they turn up for a free fitness running class once a week.

5. The ones who wish they were anywhere else

We’ve all been there, when exercising is the LAST thing you want to be doing.

6. The ones doing all the stretching 

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You’re not even moving. Stretching is important but 30 minutes is taking the mick.

7. The ones who look perfect

Are you an ad? Is someone sponsoring your run? Why is your hair perfection? Are you even real?

8. The personal trainers

Whipping people into shape and running a business from the Marina… tough life.

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