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The Man Who Built A Heart-Shaped Pile Of Leaves Was Missing His Wife

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A worker in Dubai was snapped building a pile of heart-shaped leaves and the photo went viral.

On Lovin Dubai alone it was ‘liked’ more than 14,000 times, after Dubai resident, Nesma Farahat captured and shared the moment. And now the subject of the photo, and what he was feeling on the day the pic was snapped, has been revealed.

Since the pic was shared, Ramesh Gangarajam Gandi (the worker in the image) has been found and he has been awarded a small token of support from the Ministry of Community Development.

The poetic moment captured hearts


Gandi simply missed his wife

30-year-old Ramesh Gangarajam Gandi, who works as a cleaner for management company Emrill, said on that day he was thinking about home. He was wondering what people were doing, how they were, but mostly, he was missing his wife, according to local reports.

After his wedding in 2019, he spent only one month with his wife before he moved to Dubai. He said he does enjoy his job and life in Dubai, but COVID has been a difficult time and he looks forward to travelling home once again soon.

Since the story made headlines, Gandi received a gift pack from the Ministry of Community Development as a token of support.

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