Dubai Has Just Welcomed The City’s First Two Anacondas

Dubai Has Just Welcomed The City’s First Two Anacondas

Title images via @thegreenplanetdubai

This is HUGE news, quite literally.

Turns out even the world’s most famous reptiles want a little bit of Dubai!

Two yellow anaconda sisters- currently 4 metres in size have been shifted to the city’s tropical indoor rainforest located in Citywalk.

The Anacondas come from the Amazon river basin

The two snakes that have been brought to Dubai will be located in the Creatures of the Night section at The Green Planet, Dubai.

Katie, a biologist at The Green Planet Dubai has been answering questions about the anacondas on The organisation’s Instagram, and has confirmed that they weigh bout 7.5 kilos and 11 kilos, and are expected to weigh up to 50 kilos over time!

That’s some HEAVY information.

Image via @thegreenplanetdubai

No need to panic, you can’t be eaten

The anacondas are being kept safe and happy in their new atmosphere. Katie has also specified that the reptiles dont eat every day or every week, in fact, they only eat once every two weeks.

She also shared that the girls will be kept well fed with huge rats!

So let’s give them a huge SSShoutout!

Image via @thegreenplanetdubai

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