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I Tried Mr. Draper Personal Stylist For First Time And Wish I had Discovered It Years Ago

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“WOAH do they do it for women?” Was the common reaction when I explained the tailored stylist shopping service Mr. Draper that we profiled recently on the site. 

I gave it a personal test drive to see what the fuss was about. 

They don’t – to answer the question – this service is just for men so far. 

Like every good business idea, it caters to a gap in the market. 

It may sound like a feeble excuse; when you say you are ‘too busy’ to do something. 

But it’s true, most of us ARE too busy to shop for hours, to try on clothes, get them tailored or even to think about the latest fashion trends, keep up to speed and to look sharp all the time. 

In an age of outsourcing, getting help with personal style is something that I was ready to fully embrace. 

Here is how I got on…

Step 1: The Consultation

I headed out to Silicon Oasis at 9am on Sunday morning as a first business meeting of the week. That’s the first business, getting clothes fitted and having a personal stylist is more business like than entering a mall. Just like a personal tailor would be. 

I was greeted by James and Mahmoud who introduced me to my two stylists ‘normally you get one, but you are a special guest’, whether that’s true or not, they made me feel good. 

I sat in a lounge area and was asked questions, perhaps like you would be if you met a therapist for the first time. These people are here to get to know me, help me, so it’s in my interest that I share a lot of information with them. 

I explained that I wanted different looks for different occasions, and to look well consistently, at work, at evening events and during down time. Even adding variety to work clothes, when with junior staff vs when meeting important clients or potential investors, it’s importing for me to dress well. 

Step 2: Trying on the clothes

Nearly 10 minutes later, they returned with two very full racks of outfits. 

Over the next 30 minutes, I tried about about 15 outfits. They got the sizes spot on, and the style was an upgrade to the uniform style I usually sport.

It was similar, not too risky, but there was a bit of variety. 

They gave honest feedback: ‘that doesn’t work’, ‘I really like this denim shirt – I hope you do to’.

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Img 6633
Img 6634
Img 6635
Img 6636
Img 6638
Img 6640
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Img 6645

Step 3: Mr. Draper Box Delivery

Back in the office I was sent an email to verify my account with a credit card and I placed an order to receive a box of clothes. 

The next day, even more items than I tried arrived – I tried them on once more at home. 

I selected about half of them; some just didn’t work. 

The box comes with a list of items and prices so you can work out the cost. 

I was impressed with the quality of brands. There are some, like Dutch brand, Van Gils that isn’t available in the stores here. Among others are Ralph Lauren, Hackett and Tommy Hilfiger.

Step 4: The collection and conclusion

The next day Khalid came to the office, picked up the box with remaining items, and I received a text message from my credit card with the damage done. 

I am still a bit unsure if I will make the right decision on a daily basis – what blazer goes with what shirt, what is appropriate dress for each occasion but my personal Stylist is only ever a Whatsapp away to help guide me.

Given the winter season is upon us, I felt I may have neglected to get a warm jumper – but I’m certain I’ll be calling in for another box in a month or so. 

It’s worth pointing out that these steps can be adjusted, you don’t need to go to and visit Mr. Draper, you can do the consultation remotely. Equally, when you visit, you can receive the items immediately, you don’t need to wait for the box delivery, I just wanted to try each part of the experience. 

The service launched three years ago, and my only regret is that I didn’t utilise this service sooner. 

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