Check Out The Ridiculously Slick New VOX Cinemas In The Mall Of The Emirates Extension


We’re sure fond of our entertainment here in Dubai, and are well used to having the biggest and best of almost everything right on our doorstep. If we weren’t already spoilt for choice when it comes to cinemas in the city, we now have the slick new VOX Cinemas in Mall of the Emirates to enjoy.

While the original VOX Cinemas in MOE was hardly small, it had become a little outdated over the years, and certainly couldn’t compete with the style and scale of the monster Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall.

The huge new Mall of the Emirates extension on Level 2 finally opened last week to great fanfare (with a surprise visit from a certain David Beckham thrown in for good measure), and the new 24 screen VOX Cinemas is the centerpiece of the whole extension.

This revamp really pushes the boundaries of what customers can expect from a night out at the movies with the most technically advanced IMAX Laser screen in the region, a fine-dining theatre concept by celebrity chef Gary Rhodes, a 4D cinema experience and screens that are designed specially for kids.

thEATre by Gary Rhodes

One really interesting concept is the fine-dining cinema experience headed up by British chef Gary Rhodes where guests can enjoy gourmet food in a private cinema style setting.

Don’t worry, there’ll be no knives and forks clanking around, it’ll mainly be finger food, or dishes that you can eat with a small fork. Think the same type of hors d’ourves and miniature bites you get at a typical brunch.

Some of the dishes include duck sliders, New York Deli burgers with peppered Monterey Jack Cheese and barbecued coleslaw, fois-gras Panini’s, lamb tagine fritters, and truffle popcorn. Yum.

thEATre vox

IMAX Laser

IMAX is without a doubt the most
spectacular way of watching a movie that you can have. And while IMAX itself is
technically nothing new to Dubai, we’ve never experienced it quite like this.
The IMAX screen in the new VOX Cinemas is the Middle East’s first IMAX Laser
screen (only the 5
th in the world), which means that as well as
being absolutely massive, it’s got unparalleled colour, contrast, sharpness and
sound. Watch ‘The Walk’ on it this week in 3D to be blown away by what it can

vox imax


If you fancy getting a bit more immersed in the action you can watch select new releases at VOX’s 4DX screens. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to add an extra dimension to 3D then wonder no more. VOX 4DX incorporates moving seats (which react to what’s happening on the screen) with other environmental effects like fog, wind, rain, thunder, and even smell. The new 4DX screen is (surprise, surprise) the biggest of it’s kind in the Middle East. We can’t wait to check out the new Star Wars in 4D come December.

4dx vox 2
4dx vox 1

VOX Kids

While many cinemas in Dubai offer kids-only screenings at certain times of the week, no other cinema has gone as far as to actually create child-specific screens catering just to kids.

The new VOX Kids area is dripping in colour, with interactive game zones, wipe-clean seats and appearances from kids’ movie characters providing a much better all-round cinema experience for kids.

There’s also a separate kids room connected to the cinema that you can book out for birthday parties.

vox kids 1
vox kids 2
vox kids 3


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