A Dubai Delivery Rider Shares Why Drivers Are Asking For A Wage Increase

A Dubai Delivery Rider Shares Why Drivers Are Asking For A Wage Increase

“Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Richard Branson

On Monday, May 9th, food delivery riders in Dubai staged a second strike as a result of low wages amid surging living costs. Riders walked off on jobs and began pressing for an increase in the per order rate, among other requests. Read more here.

Following multiple videos on social media showing scores of unhappy workers halting operations, food aggregators in the region promptly released statements explaining the state of affairs from their point of view.

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Moreover, Lovin Dubai learned that on average, a delivery rider in Dubai earns from AED2.8k to 3.8k per month, and with that drivers have to manage ALL their expenses

Their expenses include everything from the escalating cost of fuel to fines, Salik, rent, food, visas & etc.

As the cost of living is increasing globally, Dubai riders share their plight over the lack of action being taken on their wages and have halted their services for a number of food delivery aggregators in the city.

A delivery rider exclusively shared his ordeal with Lovin Dubai and requested to remain anonymous over fears of legal action from the company and authorities.

“Visa we pay from our pocket,

Salik we pay from our pocket,

Petrol we pay from our pocket,

Room rent we pay from our pocket,

Fine we pay from our pocket…”

Dubai residents are strongly reacting to the mistreatment of delivery riders and are demanding quick resolutions

@cupcakeinaworldof_muffins wrote,

“All from their pocket… Then definitely thy are empty-handed!! Kindly make the change they deserve!”

@rahil118 commented,

“These drivers work so hard in this scorching sun they should be rewarded — They have added a new service fee in the APP what percentage are they paying them! I hope they get what they really deserve —”

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