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You Will Be Able To Have Saliva Testing of COVID-19 Soon In the UAE

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Under the many efforts that are being carried out by UAE to fight COVID-19, it’s been announced by UAE’s COVID-19 laboratory testing operator, Pure Health that saliva tests are work in process and shall be ready to be done in the UAE soon.

According to an interview on Business Breakfast show on Dubai Eye 103.8 radio station with Syed Sajjad Nakvi, senior manager in the Scientific Office at Pure Health, about Saliva tests in the UAE he said:

We have done the validation and we’re doing the internal validation as well, and we have found very good synergy and sensitivity for this test

He also mentioned how his company has been working closely with World Health Organisation to examine the quality and efficiency of testing centres.

The UAE is continuously carrying out a high number of tests daily, ranked 1st globally back in July


The UAE reported yesterday the highest number of COVID cases since the outbreak started

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