WATCH: The Crown Prince Of Saudi Swooped In And Rescued A Little Girl After She Begged Him For Help


Hala Al Enezi, a Saudi child, has made a video plea to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,HH Mohammad Bin Salman, asking him to send her mother to the United States of America.

In the video, Hala explains how she desperately needs her mother to be by her side as she undergoes numerous amounts of surgeries in a children’s hospital in Philadelphia, US.

The emotional video has gone viral, and managed to reach the Crown Prince. 

She went to the US with her father and grandfather but her mother remained behind in Saudi 

In the video, the little girl says: “Please Mohammed Bin Salman, I’m sick, and it’s really serious. Please Mohammed Bin Salman, I want my mother, I really need her right now.

Please everyone, make sure this video reaches him. Mohammed Bin Salman, please, I’m your daughter, help me, I need her with me.”

Hala’s mother had remained in Saudi when they had left, not knowing the extent of the seriousness of the procedures

The short video had went viral all over social media as users made sure it reached Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who then ordered Hala’s mother be immediately sent to the US and her trip be sponsored. 

The Crown Prince acted quickly to help Hala 

“I just woke up and I want to thank Mohammed Bin Salman as I just heard that my mom is going to come see me. God bless you! God bless you Mohammed Bin Salman, and I pray that I get to meet you one day and give you this bouquet of roses, thank you.”

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