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This Is How You Can Toast Your Very Best Friendships On National Friendship Day

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A toast to your bestie! And to the unique blend that is your friendship.

It’s been a weird couple of months, but I think now more than ever we can TRULY appreciate our close friendships, particularly in Dubai, where our friends are like our family… AMIRITE?! And with National Friendship Day looming, why not toast to your successful friendship?

Chivas, a brand that knows how unique and extraordinary friendships REALLY are, would like to celebrate the bond, the unique blend of characteristics, moments and memories that combined to make your friendship a special one. Cheers to that!

Chivas has a special gift this year, to celebrate amazing friendships!

As a tribute to great mates, Chivas is offering to PERSONALISE a set of two glasses with a unique message to properly mark what makes your friendship a special blend. Details here.

Describe what makes your friendship unique using four words. These words can reflect memories, inside jokes, character traits, nicknames, catchphrases or simple any phrase that’s unique to your friendship. Just keep it short and sweet, so you can get those exact words on your glasses.


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Birthdays, concerts, camp nights, dinner parties, game nights, celebrations, engagements, breakups, the highlights and the low lights… Cheers every single memory and moment that combine to make your friendship a great one


For the friend who you love to enjoy a glass of Chivas with, treat them to this incredibly thoughtful gift

This is basically the IDEAL gift for friends who like to bond over Chivas. So, if you have a bestie in your life who knows the pure pleasure of enjoying a glass, then this is the gift for them.

But there’s more! You and your friend will be invited to join Chivas Brand Ambassador, Michael White, for a complimentary virtual tasting experience… Amazing!


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The glass makes ALL the difference

The more you understand Chivas blends, you also begin to appreciate just how crucial the glass itself really is. Did you know the type of glass you drink from can even influence the smell and taste? Erm, no but how incredible is that?!

Whether you’re a proper ‘noser’ or you simply enjoy the feeling or a freshly poured scotch, know that the Chivas glass, which has been personalised with a unique engraving, is top quality.


How can you get a customized set of glasses

To get your own customized set of two scotch glasses with every purchase of Chivas, visit Chivas here.

You must buy any 2 bottles of Chivas at selected retailers (try Legal Home Delivery), make sure you keep the invoice for your gift! See below for full deets.

This deal is limited until stock lasts


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The steps to making this unique best friend gift happen

  • Head to the website
  • Think of a friend you want to share a drink with
  • Click on customise now and enter 4 words that describe your friendship (memories, inside jokes, activities nicknames etc)
  • Upload button – to upload a scan of your receipt – disclaimer: 1 redemption per receipt, receipt # has to be clear, the receipt has to be dated
  • 2-3 working days later, you’ll get your customized set of engraved glasses

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