Blue Area – A Flourishing Business Centre Worth Seeing

Blue Area - Business Hub

Do you want to build a business? Blue Area is the best place you got in town. A business hub with all types of shops and markets, Blue Area will surely boost your business. So, what are you waiting for? You have your business idea. Just get yourself a place in Blue Area to initiate your business.

ONE of Pakistan’s busiest commercial districts

Islamabad’s primary business sector, Blue Area is known for its wide, clean roadways and lofty skyscrapers. A complex of business buildings, towering plazas, and retail malls can be found in the neighborhood.

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You can find NADRA Office, Islamabad Stock Exchange, Telecom Tower, Saudi Pak Tower, and many Multi-National companies in Blue Area.

Have you ever wondered where the name came from? The region was originally symbolized by a blue color in the master design. It has been known as Blue Area since then. Jinnah Avenue, one of the city’s most major thoroughfares, runs through it. This road is well-connected from all sections of the city and connects to key government offices in Islamabad.

What does Blue Area feature?

One of the finest features is the variety of transportation choices available to inhabitants, particularly those who commute to work. The Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service goes through the area on Jinnah Avenue. On Jinnah Avenue, several metro bus stations will take you to nearly every significant part of Islamabad. People that commute to multiple offices might use the numerous commuting choices accessible to them.

Because it is the capital city’s economic and business center, Blue Area in Islamabad has a diverse range of offices and businesses. Furthermore, the area’s wealth of facilities, such as restaurants, international firms, and a mass transportation system, make it an excellent choice for businesses.

For individuals wanting to purchase an apartment in Islamabad, there are several possibilities. There are studios, two-bedroom flats, and three-bedroom apartments available. Due to its central location and various facilities, properties are constantly in high demand.

Starting a business, on a small or a large scale, the area never disappoints. From a stall of potato fries to the world’s biggest brands, every business runs like a horse in a race.

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