Australian And Pakistani Culture Promoted Through Bus Art In Islamabad

Bus Art

In cooperation with Pakistani and Australian artists Imran Ahmed and Fatima Saeed, the Australian High Commission displayed Australian and Pakistani through bus art in Islamabad. As well as other local and rising artists and students took part in the campaign.

During the coronavirus epidemic, the exhibition was presented to foster cultural ties between Australia and Pakistan. The exhibition was to stimulate debate and new ways of thinking about public places.  The Australian High Commissioner, Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, praised Pakistan’s wonderful history and car decoration.

Creativity At Its Peak

Australia and Pakistan are both distinct countries that share many common bonds. Amal Nadeem, Ali Laraib Rizvi, and Nisar Ahmed are among the notable artists that took part in the initiative. Furthermore, about 100 students, including art and design students from prestigious Pakistani universities, joined the artists in a series of workshops to paint the buses, which were conducted at Saeed Akhtar Studio in Lahore and Lok Virsa in Islamabad.

Throughout the year, the buses will travel around Pakistan, allowing residents, commuters, and employees to experience art on wheels. Dr. Shaw expressed excitement about the bus art exhibition in Islamabad He said that this initiative has given us the chance to establish an accessible cross-country exhibition that encourages new methods of connecting people via art during the epidemic.

Australia And Pakistan Have Diverse Cultures!

The Australian High Commissioner, Dr. Geoffrey Shaw, praised Pakistan’s wonderful history of car decoration. He noted Australia and Pakistan are both distinct countries and, share many common bonds. Furthermore, from Commonwealth background and comparable temperatures to sporting, both nations have a lot in common. Australia is home to more than 80,000 individuals of Pakistani heritage.

Due to the coronavirus quarantine, this was a difficult task! But the concept of producing an inspirational piece of art for Pakistan’s highways kept them going. Moreover, Imran Ahmad expressed his gratitude to the incredible staff and the varied group of students. He also mentioned the great artists that contributed to this project during these trying times.

Here is what you should know about Islamabadis and the art culture


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