Blood Banks – Donate Your Blood To Save Lives

Blood Banks Islamabad

Donating blood regularly can help save many lives, especially those suffering who are always in need of blood banks. Giving blood is HEALTHY for your body to regenerate new blood, which by the way, makes you look FRESHER! Beauty tips!

You can donate blood to the following blood banks in the town.


The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)

A well-established blood bank, since the department’s inception, has provided blood transfusion services. The PIMS Blood Bank is well-equipped to handle any emergency circumstance and is always on standby, standing tall in G8/3.

The Jamila Sultana Foundation (JF)

An Islamabad-based health branch of Global Pharmaceuticals, focuses on treating and preventing Thalassemia. The blood bank is located in Chaklala Scheme 3. The therapy for Thalassemia is offered free of charge at the Jamila Sultana Foundation as they have a lot of regular donors and enough blood for each blood group.

Shifa International Hospital

This facility provides 24/7 blood donation services. More than 10,000 blood donations are made each year at the Shifa International Hospital Blood Transfusion Service Centre. Located in the H8/4 sector, it is easily accessible to every citizen.

“Safe Blood Program” was established by Pakistan Red Crescent Blood Transfusion Service (BTS)

The Pakistani government’s National Blood Policy governs the situation. There are eight blood banks around the country. Pakistan red Crescent held several school-based awareness workshops on blood donation and safe blood transfusion techniques in Islamabad.

Husaini Blood Bank

“Annually, about 200,000 units of blood and its components are issued from from its branches throughout Pakistan,” according to its website. The external quality assurance is handled by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the European External Quality Assurance Service (EQAS).”

Donate blood and save precious lives. Not only you’ll save a life, but you will also your blood gets filtered.

Do take a look and check out some places you can go after giving blood to chill in an open space


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