Islamabad Farmers Market: A Greener Space We All NEED

Islmabad Farmers Market Cover

Why don’t you take some time out of your daily routine and visit the Islamabad Farmers Market? Explore the lush green eco-friendly community. Learn about organic and clean eating and give it a go!

Several programs have been developed around the country in recent years to assist the grassroot efforts of local farmers who market their organic products. Islamabad Farmers Market is arguably the city’s oldest and most well-established market of its type (IFM).

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Farmers Market are the BEST way to connect with the local community!

Islamabad farmers Market (IFM) is made up of a tight-knit group of well-known and well-liked suppliers. Since its debut in 2013, the market has welcomed people from all over the world. Those include tourists, celebrities, and health-conscious individuals, to connect with the vendors.

Initially, the market was held on the grounds of Kuch Khaas in F-6, but it was forced to close when Kuch Khaas relocated. Following that, IFM took place in various locations before including in front of the renowned cafe ‘Hot Spot Café,’ and now Hotel Margala on Srinagar Highway.

The variety available is UNBELIEVABLE!

Customers may experience a variety of tasty and fresh food. The delicacies include organic fruits and vegetables as well as luxuries such as handmade honey and marmalade, freshly churned butter, a variety of cheeses, and even special “mountain bread.”

IFM founder Qasim Tareen, who shares similar beliefs, believes that small farmers and home producers are the future of organic farming. Reflecting on the phrase “little is beautiful,” he stated that the objective has always been to build a strong, personable, ecologically conscious community. This forms a community that pooled its resources to deliver high-quality services to customers.

Where and when they operate – Super IMPORTANT to know!

Qasim believes that the future of organic farming in Pakistan can be preserved and taken seriously by establishing strong communities. Those communities can work together to raise knowledge about healthy agricultural techniques.

The Islamabad Farmer’s Market will continue every Saturday at the Hotel Margala on Srinagar Highway from 10:30 am to 2:30pm. Timings may change as the season change.

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