Islamabad DOES Have Pet Friendly Cafés


WHO KNEW?! Isloo features some of the most spacious and coolest pet friendly places you can take your dog but this one particular place is where you NEED to go and check out!

Getting a discount for bringing your pet has got to be the most attractive offer to visit a café considering how a HUGE population of Isloo has pets and not many places advertise pet friendly AT ALL!


Kaspa’s introduces 20% discount for animal lovers!

That’s right! Animal lovers, Kaspa’s has announced that if you bring a pet you automatically get 20% discount on your overall menu. That has got to be the most exciting news Isloo has given to pet owners ever since the CDA opened pet friendly parks.

Central Islamabad areas such as F-6, F-7, E-7, F-8, and so on are known for pets being seen a lot! A surprise for them is that in this gorgeous city, there are heaps of PET-FRIENDLY cafés worth checking out.


There are also Pet Friendly Parks across Isloo

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has recently inaugurated a Pet Friendly Park in Sector F-6 Hill Road for the pet lovers that finally need an open space to play with their animals. Earlier, Isloo wasn’t a pet friendly place, which is quite a step up.

It gets better! There are also trainers at the park who can help train your pet animals, who are showing the citizens the tricks of their trained pets. Pet friendly parks also encourage citizens to enjoy themselves with their pets and animal tricks in the parks, which is somewhat of a new concept in Isloo. This unique project is absolutely loved by Islooites. Admin of CDA has requested for a further increase in the number of pet friendly parks and recreational facilities.

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