MDCAT Students Mad Again And Decide To Protest

Protest against PMC regarding MDCAT

MDCAT students are mad at the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). The students are losing their minds for not having the MDCAT on an exact day. The students want MDCAT to be held on the same day as they claim that the test was hacked and the results are altered.

What’s going on with the MDCAT and this protest?

Students from around the country protested outside the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) on Thursday, demanding that the Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT) be held on a single day nationwide.

Police were stationed outside the PMC building in the morning after students declared their demonstration. There were also representatives from the district administration and Superintendent of Police Saddar Nousherwan Ali.

Later, a massive crowd of students gathered outside the building, chanting anti-PMC chants and demanding that the MDCAT be held on a single day throughout the country. They claimed that the PMC Act required only one examination each year.

The students, on the other hand, demanded that the test be retaken on a single day. They said that student data was taken after the commercial business website that administers the MDCAT was hacked.

After that, the PMC summoned the students for discussions, and a five-member delegation met with PMC management. However, they were unable to reach an agreement, prompting the students to launch a sit-in.

The problem is REAL!

The students said that MDCAT was being held across a month and that if India could hold the test for 1.8 million students in a single day, why couldn’t Pakistan, where the number of students taking the exam was estimated to be about 200,000?

The commission has previously been chastised for awarding the contract to hold the computer-based MDCAT to a firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) after the deadline for contract applications had passed. The PMC set a cost of Rs6,000 for each student to take the test.

According to the PMC Conduct of Examinations Regulations 2021, the MDCAT test syllabus will not be restricted by any textbook or HSSC boards. Questions will be chosen at random from an examination question bank for each paper. No one has the right to raise objections to the questions.

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