Pindi boys: Pakistan’s Lad Culture


Funky street fashion, half-dyed hair (mostly blond), slim ripped jeans and sometimes of bright color, bikes without silencers, and a voice that you hear if your bike stand is locked, Raja G stand Chukso. The ultimate confirmation that you have stepped into the great city of Rawalpindi.

Pindi Boys and their FASHION sense

Rawalpindi and its youth that is known as the Pindi boys have a very different and unique sense of fashion and their adventurous interests. These are the opposites of the Islamabadis that are separated just from a double road known as the I.JP. road. Money doesn’t matter to them but just enough for their bike’s fuel and they can go to Khanpur dam to enjoy the lake view.

Weird but yes, The Centaurus mall is their ultimate destination for them to click selfies, and posting them makes them look cool. They are fond of TikTok and one-wheeling while taking their silencer off. Motorbike is a spouse to them and may take good care of bike than their actual spouse, just kidding. These Pindi boys are drifting king of the legendary Mehran that has never changed their design since the stone age.

Despite anything, Pindi does have INCREDIBLE spots

Red-fort is like a monument to them which is their meet and greet spot and Sheikh Rasheed their Idol who eats with the public. Metro bus is their princess and Raja G is the nickname of every Pindi boy and whenever someone does a savage act they say Raja G Bao Rami. These are some slang that the regular use and is their identity. Raja Bazar id their shopping centre.

The slang Poondi means stalking girls that is what the Pindi boys do when they are grouped. The term Pindi boy is now an adjective to describe such kind of people that rely on the Anda-Shami burger and is their Big-Mac while the Lemon soda is their Pina colada.

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