The love story of Quetta hotel and Isloo

Quetta Hotels and Isloo

It’s breakfast time and you are in Islamabad – The first restaurant that pops up in your mind is ‘Quetta hotel’ that is famous for its Tea and Parathas. Every commercial area, every food street, every corner of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have Quetta Hotels and they will always stay in demand. 

The 6th road, one of the iconic places for students in terms of living and academic purposes has more than 15 Quetta hotels, and the best part, every single one is crowded. This shows the love Islamabadis and the Pindiites have for Quetta Hotels and their tea. 

Everyone wants to know – Who really started Quetta Hotel?

The Pashtun tribe from Quetta initiated a food chain in Rawalpindi named as ‘Quetta Hotel’. The food chain has enormously gathered attention from costumers since then. The 2000s kids that live in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and its premises have seen these hotels since their birth.

The first Quetta hotel was opened in commercial market and became famous for its Masala-filled Karak tea and Paratha. Quetta hotel has gotten its traction mostly from students and single living bachelors. Due to the INCREDIBLY crowded places, people started inquiring about starting a branch of Quetta Hotel as their own business. After that, boom! The number of costumers rapidly went higher, after which branches started to increase, which in the long run has now left a HUGE mark in Isloo! 

Quetta Hotel right here is the real OG of this place!

Some of the best reasons to LOVE Quetta Hotel

The best part of Quetta hotels is that they are open 24/7 and since they are located everywhere, one can reach out for cheap and FANTASTIC food anytime. Quetta hotels have always been light on the pockets as you can have a paratha and a cup of tea in just 70 to 80 rupees. Although the price does VARY from hotel to hotel and place to place. There has always been positive reviews given by anyone in Isloo and Pindi if asked about Quetta Hotel.

The number of customers increase during the winter season with an increase in demand for their addictive tea. Kahwa, black tea, Sulemani tea, Kashmiri tea, and some other varieties that are in higher demand during winter.

There is a saying by the locals – If you put a name on a rock as Quetta Hotels and start your stall of just tea and paratha, it can generate you enough revenue to sit and enjoy the rest of your life. This is how great of an influence Quetta Hotel has in Islamabad. 


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