No More Reservations As Hotels Make Way For Afghan Evacuees


Authorities officially ask hotels in the capital to stop taking reservations in order to accommodate Afghan evacuee foreigners who are passing through Islamabad. This gives them a safe place to transit in.

The orders had been issued quite LITERALLY overnight. The circular clearly says that the halt will remain for at least 21 days. The Afghan Evacuees transiting via Islamabad have been rest assured that they’re protected to the MAX. Hotel guests currently staying are NOT AFFECTED.

Afghan Evacuees are in town and under protection

This last minu te Afghan evacuee protection decision has been made after the two suicide bomber attack that affected the fleeing crowd in Afghanistan who were seen running to Kabul airport. During this bombing 60 Afghans and 12 US troops have passed away.

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On the bright side, at least those who were able to evacuate have a safe haven here in Islamabad. This city has so much to offer them during their stay, which also in turn has put Islamabad’s BEAUTIFUL side on the map!

Security has been pumped up around hotels with the police and military being put on high alert to ensure maximum safety during their stay. Majorly the Afghan evacuees coming in are foreigners that include diplomats, foreign mission staff, and journalists.

District Magistrate issued Afghan Evacuee hotel notice

An official announcement issued in which hotels were asked not to take further reservations was circulated by the office of District Magistrate. Thousands of Afghan evacuees are coming through transit flights from the neighboring country and have planned to stay till they were able to further travel to their home countries.

This is what Islamabad is …. A Safe haven for foreigners who want to experience the beauty of Pakistan while staying safe.

Afghan Evacuees be like….


A few places Afghan evacuees can visit during their stay include…

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