Pakistan To Send Food And Medicine To Afghanistan


Pakistan, via Islamabad, has decided to supply Food and Medicine as Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan!

The Foreign Office stated that they will do their best to help Afghan citizens and ease the challenges they are facing. In light of that the Pakistani government has decided to send food and medication to the people of Afghanistan, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday. The best part is that the supplies are going through ISLOO!


Americans have left Afghanistan and Pakistan is here to help

Now the American troops have dropped their weapons and have left Afghanistan on short notice by the Taliban, the Afghanis seek aid and Pakistan is providing help as much as it can. The statement that has been delivered by the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi states, “Three C-130s are being dispatched to Afghanistan. After the first immediate tranche through the air, further supplies would continue through land routes.” 

Prior to this, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi called attention to the dangers of Afghanistan being deprived of its foreign reserves, or international help, which may exacerbate Afghans’ misery and lead to millions of Afghans becoming economic migrants.

The Foreign Minister added, “Pakistan reaffirms its abiding commitment to a peaceful, stable, sovereign, and prosperous Afghanistan.” 

Afghanistan situation AT THE MOMENT

Afghanistan has a new political regime!

The new political regime would ensure concerted efforts for peace, security, and stability in Afghanistan. Along with that work towards taking care of Afghan people’s humanitarian and development needs, according to the Foreign Office.

Pakistan prioritizes aid to Afghanistan and also seeks help from other countries so that the Afghanis may not suffer long-term sufferings and hardships. “We have noted the latest announcement about the formation of interim political set-up in Kabul, which would address the requirement of a governance structure to meet the urgent needs of the people of Afghanistan,” the statement further said.

After the Taliban proclaimed their “acting” government, the Foreign Office stated Pakistan will continue to closely monitor the situation in Afghanistan. They also said that Pakistan will try its utmost to assist the Afghan people despite the current tough situation.


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