5 Pictures That Prove Pakistanis Absolutely Adore Saudi Arabia


Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have had lovely brotherly relations since the birth of the Islamic country in 1947. The muslim roots of both nations have connected the countries in the most unique of ways.  Their shared Islamic ideals and history have only strengthened their political ties, as several Pakistanis spent most of their lives working towards moving to Saudi Arabia, in dreams of being close to the Holy Kaaba. These pictures are just few of many moments where you’ll see that Pakistanis are huge fans of Saudi Arabia for all the right reasons.

5. This iconic Pakistani version of Aramco

This place was spotted in Punjab, and is actually a mattress company based on the Urdu word ‘Araam’ which means rest.

4. This Saudi-inspired Pakistani number plate

This car was spotted in Sambrial district of Pakistan, and is totally inspired by the current Saudi number plates that feature KSA on the right. In this case, the driver put PAK on the side! 👀

3. The moment when a Pakistani truck driver painted Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman on his vehicle

Even the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, Nawaf Saeed al-Malki, met the Pakistani truck driver who displayed the picture of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on his vehicle.

2. This highway-sign honoring the brotherly relations of both countries

1. Pakistan naming a whole city in honor of King Faisal

One of Pakistan’s biggest cities, Faisalabad is actually translated to the ‘City of Faisal’ in honor of Saudi’s late King Faisal. Pakistan was very fond of King Faisal especially after the iconic Faisal Mosque located in Islamabad which was a gift to Saudi Arabia to Pakistan back in 1966.


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