5 Top Ice Cream Spots In Islamabad For A Cool Summer Treat!

Rohama Batool

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than with a scoop (or two) of delicious ice cream! Whether you’re looking for a classic cone or a decadent sundae, Islamabad’s ice cream parlors have got you covered.

Here’s a fun and catchy guide to the top five ice cream spots in the city that will make your summer unforgettable!


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5. Churn Station

Churn Station offers a unique ice cream experience with its handcrafted flavors and artisanal touch. From creamy classics to innovative concoctions, each scoop is made with love and the finest ingredients. Don’t miss their signature flavors like Strawberry cheesecake and churn special &  the best part is that their scoop starts for only Rs90! So if you’re looking for a tasty treat that’s easy on the wallet, Churn Station is a must-visit.


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4. Safilo – Scoop

Every OG Islamabadi knows about Tehzeeb Bakers, and those familiar with Tehzeeb must also know about Safilo Scoop Ice Cream because they go side by side everywhere. Safilo Scoop promises an explosion of flavors in every bite with their handmade ice creams. Having been in Islamabad for years, it’s a favorite of everyone, from kids to elders. Be sure to try their Kulfa and Pista flavors!


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3. Sugar Rush

Indulge in their mouth-watering array of flavors, perfect for cooling down this summer. From unique tastes to a trendy hangout spot, Sugar Rush delivers only the best! & their flavours are so creatively named too. Don’t miss “At the Movies” and “Honey, I Lost My Cookies.”


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2. Kaspas

Kaspas is part of an international dessert chain known for its luxurious array of sweets. From classic cones to extravagant sundaes, Kaspas takes ice cream to a whole new level. The vibrant and modern setting also makes it a fantastic spot to chill with friends and enjoy a sweet escape.

1. Hot Spot Cafe

Hot Spot is a local favorite for its quirky decor and nostalgic atmosphere. Known for its delicious ice creams and decadent desserts, Hot Spot is a must-visit. Try their famous hot fudge sundaes and red velvet ice cream for a truly indulgent experience that will transport you back in time!


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So grab your friends, head to these top spots, and treat yourself to some cool summer delights. Your taste buds will thank you!

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