Alarming Rise In Crime Rate And Robberies in Islamabad

Rohama Batool

In recent months, Islamabad, the Pakistan’s capital known for its calm atmosphere, has been hit hard by a sudden rise in crime. What used to be a peaceful city with safe neighborhoods is now facing a worrying spike in robberies and criminal activity.

Carjackers, robbers, and armed snatchers are on a looting spree, targeting motorbikes, cars, mobile phones & houses across various areas in the twin cities!

In the span of just one week, the twin cities have witnessed a disturbing surge in criminal activities. According to data collected from the police, a total of 26 cases of robbery and gunpoint snatching have been reported. Shockingly, 89 vehicles have been stolen during this short period.

Additionally, there have been 76 incidents of mobile phone snatching, further adding to the sense of insecurity among residents. The escalation of armed robberies targeting homes across various localities has only intensified concerns about safety in the community. These alarming developments highlight the pressing need for immediate and effective measures to combat crime and ensure the well-being of the residents.


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Active hotspots for the criminal activity have also been identified

The recent surge in criminal activities has led to the identification of several active hotspots in the twin cities. Areas such as G13, DHA Phase 2, Shehzad Town, Industrial Area, Aabpara, Khanna Pul, G9 Markaz, Margalla, and Sabzi Mandi have been flagged as particularly vulnerable to criminal incidents.

Steps you can take to stay safe amid the rising crime in the city

As they say, it’s always better to be safer than sorry. As the crime rates in our city is on a rise, it’s essential to take a few precautionary steps to ensure our safety.

  • Stay Informed: Stay updated on local crime trends and incidents in your area. Pay attention to alerts and advisories from law enforcement agencies.
  • Stay Vigilant: Be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially in high-risk areas. Trust your instincts and avoid situations or locations that feel unsafe.
  • Secure Your Property: Keep doors and windows locked, especially at night or when you’re away from home. Install security cameras or alarms to deter potential intruders.
  • Travel Smart: Avoid traveling alone, especially at night. Stick to well-lit and populated areas, and let someone know your whereabouts if you’re going out alone.
  • Stay Connected: Stay in touch with family and friends, and let them know your plans.
  • Consider using safety apps or features on your phone to share your location with trusted contacts.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: If you notice anything unusual or suspicious, report it to the authorities immediately.

By taking these steps you can better protect you and your loved ones from any unfortunate event!


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