Further Drop In Solar Panel Prices As Power Division Denies Reports Of Imposing Tax

Rohama Batool

Hey there folks! Summers are here and so are our electricity issues. While inflation and electricity costs are hitting the roof in Pakistan, we’ve got a refreshing twist in the plot for you…Solar panels prices have just dropped by half! yeah, that’s right, BY HALF!

Due to a surplus in the market, solar panel rates have dropped by 30% within just six months!

Amidst the rise in inflation and electricity woes in Pakistan, solar panel prices are taking a nosedive, bringing a glimmer of hope for both our wallets and the environment. In the past six moths, there has been a massive decline in prices due to higher supply of the solar panels in the market. The current per watt price of solar panels in Pakistan has dipped to its all time low, below Rs40!

The solar panel prices have decreased drastically, making them more affordable than ever!

The price per watt has decreased notably, with panels now available at Rs37 per watt in the market, a sharp fall from Rs80 per watt in 2022. The price for 5 to 6 Kilowatt solar system now range from Rs1,50,000 to Rs220,000, and Rs250,000 to Rs3,25,000 for 10 Kilowatt. You can also install a 180-watt solar panel unit for as low as RS6,660 now!

The current decrease in prices has made solar energy systems more accessible to consumers, proving to be a cost effective alternative amid the rising electricity bills. Though it is worth mentioning that there has been no notable decrease in the prices of inverters and batteries, which are crucial for the installation of solar systems.

The Power Division has also denied rumors of fixed solar power tax speculation

Ever since the solar prices have reduced, there has been a buzz on the media that the Power Division is going to impose fixed tax on Solar panels…But hey, turns out they were just indeed rumors! No propasla, no taxes, nada! (Happy Dance)

In a recent statement The Power Division categorically denied recent reports that Pakistan would impose a fixed tax on solar energy. The Power Division responded to the rumors with an official statement that and made it clear that neither plans nor proposals of this kind have been made. They said that the government has not received any official proposal or summary on the imposition of additional taxes or fixed rates targeted especially at solar power consumers.

With solar panel prices on the decline and tax rumors getting all baseless, guess it’s time to get some solar panels installed! Save on bills, avoid power outages and reduce carbon foot print.

Here’s to a cleaner and Greener future!



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