Heartbreak For Pakistani Fans After The National Team Lost To India In The T20 World Cup

Rohama Batool

Well guys, it has happened again… the heartbreak of losing a match after ALMOST winning it is something only an OG Pakistani cricket fan can understand.

Yesterday, in a devastating blow to Pakistani cricket fans, the team fell short yet again in a critical match against arch-rivals India, failing to chase a seemingly modest target of just 120 runs. Talk about HEART BREAK!


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Pakistan bowled India out at 119 but failed to chase the target!

India clinched a nail-biting victory over Pakistan in the 19th match of the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024 on Jun 9 at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York where Pakistan managed to bowl India out at a decent 119 runs. The Pakistani team had India sweating bullets till halfway through the second innings of the match. But In a twist that could only be described as quintessentially Pakistani, a stunning comeback, led by the Indian bowling maestro Jasprit Bumrah, flipped the script, bringing India roaring back into the game.

And guess what? Even though Pakistan needed to score 48 runs in 46 balls with 8 wickets in hand, in the end, it turned out to be India’s day, sealing the deal with a thrilling six-run victory!

The fans are saying ‘good bye’ to Pakistan cricket, after back to back heartbreak!

After losing to the USA and then to India yesterday, Pakistani cricket fans are frustrated and angry with their cricket team, saying ‘cricket is finished for Pakistan’. A match which started on a positive note, gave fans hope and raised their expectations, left them heartbroken…


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Naseem Shah was in tears as the match concluded, leaving Pakistani fans even more shattered!

Naseem’s outstanding all-around performance yesterday had everyone talking, but it was the heartbreaking images of him in tears as the match ended that truly wrenched everyone’s hearts. On the field, even the Indian team was moved, seen consoling Shah, with captain Rohit Sharma offering a reassuring pat on the back.

And honestly, after witnessing how Pakistan lost the match yesterday, seeing the dejection on the pacer’s face as he exchanged handshakes with Indian cricketers could have made anyone shed a tear.

Now, with Pakistan having VERY slim chances of qualifying for the Super 8, one can only pray for ‘Qudrat ka Nizam’ to enter the chat because at this point, the Pakistan team might as well get their return tickets booked for 17th June.

Let’s hope cricket shines again, soon…


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