Missing Teenager Taha Found Dead On Islamabad’s Trail 5

Rohama Batool

Today, the Wildlife Department recovered the body of Muhammad Taha, the teenage boy who had gone missing while hiking with his friends on Margalla Hills Trail 5.

Fifteen-year-old Taha went missing on Saturday after hiking with friends on trail 5

What seemed like a harmless hiking trip turned into a nightmare when Taha went missing on Saturday on Trail 5. His mother filed a missing person’s report at the Secretariat Police Station on Sunday.

Taha’s body was found in a ditch at the middle point of Pir Sohawa and Bari Imam

After Taha’s mother lodged a report claiming her son was kidnapped during the hike, the police launched a search operation at Trail 5 and in the adjacent Margalla Hills. On Monday, they discovered Taha’s body in a deep ditch midway between Pir Sohawa and Bari Imam.

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The body was found and identified by the Forest and Environment officials, who then notified the police. After his body was found, Taha’s family was notified who then rushed to the location and identified the body.

Initial findings suggest that boy had slipped into a ditch in Trail 5 and succumbed to injuries

The police said the boy might have fallen into the ditch after he slipped. According to them, the boy’s water bottle, mobile phone and bag were lying next to the body, adding that he could not be contacted as his phone was switched off.  The body has been taken to a hospital where a post-mortem will be carried out.

Taha was the only son of his parents…

Speaking to the media, Taha’s family shared that he was their only son and had been missing since 2 pm on Saturday. They mentioned that, Taha was so cautious he wouldn’t even go up to the roof alone. He had been granted permission to hike only after insisting following his exams. Many have said their thoughts are with the family during this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Taha.



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