No Petrol From July 5 As Nationwide Dealers’ Strike Begins Tomorrow

Rohama Batool

The Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) has dropped a bombshell! Starting tomorrow, July 5, petrol pumps across the country will shut their doors in a bold protest against the new advance tax.


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 The 0.5 percent advance turnover tax has sparked this fire!

At the heart of this turmoil is the contentious 0.5 percent advance turnover tax introduced in the latest budget. PPDA Chairman Abdul Sami Khan, during a press conference, emphasized the crippling impact of this tax on petrol pump businesses. “We are already running petrol pumps with minimal profit. It is already difficult to run your business at the highest rate of inflation.”

Khan further revealed the government’s lack of satisfactory responses to their concerns, adding, “I met the finance minister, and he had no answers.”


Strike might go on for more than one day!

Khan also cautioned that the strike might extend beyond one day, advising dealers to stock up on fuel by July 4. He reiterated, “On July 5, petrol pumps will be shut down nationwide.

Now with 13,000 petrol stations set to close from 6 am on July 5, the PPDA’s drastic measure signals a severe crisis. The association, representing over 14,000 dealers, is united in their call for the advance income tax to be abolished within four days. “We have clearly stated that we will take strict action,” Abdul Sami Khan warned.

If you’re dependent on your car or bike, it’s time to act. Fill up your tanks today to avoid being caught out. The strike could last longer than a day, so better safe than sorry!

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