Prices Of Vegetables Continue To Soar In Islamabad

Prices Of Vegetables Continue To Soar In Islamabad

Food is, undoubtedly, the most essential part of our lives. Vegetables are widely consumed in Pakistan in some of the best dishes. Like come on are you telling us you don’t like aloo gosht, bhindi or teenday? You HAVE to be lying. Desi parents have definitely blamed their child’s sickness on low consumption of vegetables at least once in their lives.

According to our parents, vegetables are the answer to every problem. Isn’t it?!

With vegetables being an essential part of our lives, it is truly unfortunate that their prices are continuously rising in Pakistan post flood crises. Onions are being sold at Rs280 and tomatoes at Rs220 per kilogram in various markets of Islamabad. Even the Sunday Bazaars have not spared the vegetable consumers as the prices of onions rise to Rs230 and tomatoes to Rs170 per kg.

If you think this is a lot then wait till you hear the prices in Lahore. In Lahore markets, tomatoes and onions have been priced at Rs500 and Rs400 per kg respectively.

Shocking isn’t it?!

Shopkeepers and wholesalers fear that these prices will further increase in the coming days due to the damage faced by parts of Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Gilgit-Baltistan. Jawad Rizwi, a wholesaler from Lahore, said that the value of onion and tomato could cross Rs700 per kg if no action is taken. There is currently no local production of vegetables due to flooding and onions are being imported from Afghanistan.

The Pakistan authorities are planning to import tomatoes and onions from India. However, no such action is taken at this moment. Miftah Ismail, on twitter, mentioned that more than one international agency has approached the government to allow them to bring food items from India. He further added that government will finalize this decision after necessary consultations.

People on twitter have been asking the government to start importing necessary food items from India before the vegetable prices rises to an extent where controlling inflation might be difficult.

Another inflation wave?! Say sike right now!

It is an understatement if we say that the floods have caused such a devastating damage to our country and its citizens that we did not even think of. One can only hope and pray that no further damage is done to our country. And with so many organizations working day and night to help the flood victims and the citizens that continue to donate money, the good times are not too far!

Make sure to support your fellow citizens who are in need of assistance. Check out how you can help flood victims in Pakistan.


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