Sahil Adeem Called 95% of Pakistani Women Ignorant and the Internet Lost Its Mind

Rohama Batool

In a recent episode on national television, internet personality Sahil Adeem made a statement that ignited a firestorm of reactions across social media. During his appearance, Adeem controversially claimed that 95 percent of the women in Pakistan are ignorant.

His comments have gone viral, igniting a storm of reactions online!

On the show, Sahil Adeem made a bold assertion, saying, “Take a sample of 100 women; 95 of them will be ignorant and not know anything. This is reality.” The statement was made during a discussion about human rights and women’s rights, where Adeem was asked about the role of mosques in mobilizing women for social change.

Adeem further explained his viewpoint by saying, “These women are aware of dance, cooking, and makeup but have no awareness of Islam.” He questioned how mosques could mobilize women for rights when they lacked basic religious knowledge.


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A participant on the show the asked Adeem to apologize for his anti-women remarks

A female audience member demanded apology and challenged called out Adeem. She asked him to provide Quranic evidence where the term jahil (ignorant) is used for those who lack knowledge of certain things. Adeem began quoting Arabic verses without translating them, which led to a heated exchange with the audience member.

Sahil Adeem justified calling 95% of Pakistani women jahil by saying they don’t know the meaning of “Taghoot”

In the heated exchange, Adeem said, “Today, you learned about taghoot, the biggest sin in Islam.” He was then reminded by the woman that the discussion was about women’s rights, not theological concepts. Despite this, Adeem continued to stand by his statement, advising her to take a sample and conduct the test for herself.

The confrontation reached a boiling point when Adeem made a controversial remark, saying, “I ask for forgiveness because my daughter is ignorant. It is my fault that my daughter is ignorant”, he said while pointing at the girl in the audience. This comment was met with backlash, as many felt it was an attempt to deflect from the main issue of his original statement.

Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar also lost his cool at the girl during the live show

During the argument, Khalilur Rehman Qamar also jumped into the conversation, questioning why the audience member had issues with Arabic verses. He raised his voice at the woman and asked the host to take the microphone from the woman questioning Adeem.


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The public response to Adeem’s comments has been intense!

Many have criticized Adeem for his sweeping generalizations and his failure to address the core issue of women’s rights. The discussion has sparked a broader debate about the role of religion in public discourse and the representation of women’s issues in media.

A user on the internet said that Adeem basing his entire argument on just one word, (Taghoot) ‘طاغوت,’ is not justified.

And netizens demanded that Sahil Adeem and Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar shouldn’t be allowed on any media platform.

As the discussion about Adeem’s comments continues, it raises important questions about gender, faith, and societal values.

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