Your Comprehensive Guide to the Upcoming Pakistan Elections: What You Need to Know


Election Day is officially tomorrow, February 8 2024, so you should definitely know these details in advance. Scroll down below for a step-by-step guide on how to cast your vote in your city.

1. Firstly, text your National ID Number (CNIC) to the number 8300

Make sure you include all digits without any spaces or dashes. You will soon get a reply listing your city, block number, and specific area where you must go to cast your vote. You MUST bring your original CNIC to cast your vote, as photocopies will NOT be accepted.

2. Visit the voting booths anytime from 8am to 5pm

Although it’s best to arrive early to avoid waiting long lines, once your turn is next, an officer will verify your name and electoral number. Once confirmed, you will receive two ballots:

  • White Ballot: Provincial Parliament
  • Green Ballot: National Assembly

3. Go to the booth and cast your vote!

You will be given privacy to cast your vote, and then submit it in the collection boxes. You will also get an imprint on your thumb, verifying that you participated. One portion of the ballot will also by kept by the officer to verify your vote.


Good luck, and make sure you vote!

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