Pakistani Cricketers Mourn The Death of Andrew Symonds

Andrew Symonds Death Pakistani Cricketers

Andrew Symonds untimely and tragic death by a car accident has left fans and cricketers astounded. Pakistani cricketers too paid their respects to the loss of a legend in the world of this sport.

Andrew Symonds, also known as “Roy” by his close family and friends was an Australian cricketer and two-time World Cup winner. The former Australian all-rounder was known for his fun-loving personality with his friends, and aggressive style on the pitch.

According to police reports, Symonds was driving near the Alice River Bridge when his car went off the road and rolled. However, the police are yet to find exactly what occurred that led to this tragic incident. A couple reportedly found the car, and called the police, and stated that Symonds’ two blue heeler dogs remained by his side till the very end.


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Andrew Symonds’ death is a loss to Pakistani cricketers as well!

Pakistani cricketers too were quick to talk about Andrew Symonds’ tragic death and pay their respects to the deceased. Here is what some Pakistani cricketers had to say:

Symond’s fun-loving nature will always be remember by the community

Shoaib Akhtar shares a heart-warming video of him playing alongside Symonds and Warne in 2015 and shares how deeply shocked he is by Symonds’ demise.

Shahid Afridi shares his condolences, acknowledging Symonds’ contributions to cricket

Fans around the world are expressing their sadness, and Symonds’ colleagues, and even past rivals are coming forward to offer their condolences for the loss of an athlete that never gave up.

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