Islamabad Reminded Of Its Old Weather As Temperature Reaches -1

isloo sardii oooo

The cold weather that has gripped Rawalpindi and Islamabad for the last three days got bitter after the temperatures dropped to -1°C Celsius this week. People have started to reminisce the times Islamabad used to be a very cold city and snow-capped Margalla hills were not a rare sight during peaks of winter. However beautiful the winter is in Islamabad, everything must come at a cost.

And what is that cost you ask?


“gas mukk gayi!!”

Yes, Islamabad is the best in winter! But we cannot ignore the fact that it comes with its problems. A lot of areas in Islamabad have started facing gas shortages. Due to our city’s great dependence on natural gas for heating homes, a shortage has developed across the city.

The availability of natural gas is imperative for everyone as it’s the only way we heat our uninsulated homes. Alternatively, Electric heaters cost a lot and maybe if we started using those then a shortage will occur in that area as well.

Ah! our great reliable city…

Sardi and chai!

Everyone knows the golden rule. When there’s winter, there will be surely some piping hot Islamabadi tea. The most popular activity among youngsters, tea is a given during cold mornings and nights alike. The famous Quetta cafes are filled with students shivering in their sweaters waiting for some hot tea to fix the mellow moods of the winter

Don’t forget to visit the Margalla hills!

In this chilly weather, it is always nice to take a drive up the beautiful roads of Margalla hill to look at foggy Islamabad from the daman e koh viewpoint or maybe from your dinner table at monal.

Sometimes it does snow on Margalla hills. If you drive past monal to the highland resort, you will find traces of snow. Although, sometimes you might find heaps of snow!

and you know what that means…

Snowball fight!

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