China Sent Pakistan And China Flags To Outer Space

Pak China Outer Space Friendship Gift

Now, this is what you call friendship. China sent their flag along with Pakistan’s flag to China’s space station in June that now landed back.

At a ceremony at the China Academy of Space Technology, Pakistan’s national flag, which was carried to China’s space station onboard the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft, was handed over to the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing.

Quite an ENORMOUS friendly gesture by China!

China and Pakistan uniquely celebrate their friendship as China sent flags of both countries to outer space. To celebrate friendship and diplomatic ties of seventy years China released the Long March-2F carrier rocket back on 17th June of this year.

How did this happen and how was it initiated?

Moin ul Haque, Pakistan’s ambassador to China along with China’s secretary of Space Technology and other prime scientists and experts attended the event.

The National flag Of Pakistan was handed over to the Pakistan embassy in China. The ceremony held in the Academy of Space Technology celebrated the strong friendship bond.

While addressing at the event Mr. Moin congratulated the institutes and organizations on their contribution to the space mission.

He further admired the friendship and the bond both countries have for each other. Giving his thoughts on the friendship of both countries, Mr. Moin appreciated the unique way of celebrating the friendship.

They have a very unique way to determine the love and friendship towards Pakistan. Sending the flags of both countries to space was not normal but remarkable.

Mr. Moin recognized the strong friendship both countries possess for each other. In addition, he spoke about the technological exchange both countries do with each other and the space exploration project both countries will have.

He was confident at the event about future projects. Along with that, he shows optimism about the space exploration projects that will benefit both countries in the coming future.

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