OMG! Emirates Has Discounts On Flights For The National Day Holiday


The holiiiiiidays are here!

For many of us, the clock striking 6 pm is an exciting once since it means for a long weekend, a time to relax or a time to explore. For UAE’s 48th National Day, residents are given a five-day holiday to commemorate.

And guess what?

Emirates joined in on all the fun by adding unbeatable discounts to certain destinations. Pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming.

Image Credits: Instagram @emirates

Economy class tickets are slashed to discounted rates from Dec7-October 31, 2020 (that’s a long time too!)

Visit Seychelles, Cape Town, Sydney, Jeddah, Moscow and more for less than their usual prices


Some of the rates include:

  • Moscow, starting from AED2,015 (economy) and business at AED11,795
  • Jeddah, starting AED 1,295 (economy) and AED 5,085
  • Seychelles, starting from AED2,945 (economy) and AED7,995 (business)
  • Cape Town, starting from AED3,395 (economy) and AED15,495 (business)

That’s just some of the many other countries on offer, check the Emirates website out for more info.

To celebrate the National Day, all Emirates cabins will also offer chocolates


Time to book that flight.

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