FIFA World Cup Fans Do Not Need To Be Vaccinated But They Do Need To Test To Enter Qatar


Unvaccinated FIFA World Cup Fans can enter Qatar! However, fans aged 6 and above do need to take a test prior to arriving to Qatar.

Qatar announced the new COVID-19 regulations for FIFA World Cup Fans coming to watch the games

Firstly, unvaccinated fans can enter Qatar. Moreover, vaccinated and unvaccinated fans do not have to undergo quarantine upon their arrival. However, Qatar requires all fans to take a PCR test 48 hours prior to their arrival or an authorised rapid test 24 hours prior. It is important to note that self-tests are NOT valid for travel purposes. The testing requirements apply to all fans ages 6 and above.

Other than the PCR tests, fans above the age of 18 have to download the Ehteraz application

To download the Ehteraz application, you have to register in the pre-entry online registration system here. Qatar requires registration 3 days prior to entry.

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Good news travellers! If you’re en route to Qatar from September 4 (6 pm Qatar time), you no longer have to quarantine upon arrival.


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