IMPORTANT: Jeddah Is FINALLY Getting A Major Cinema


Jeddah – it is finally happening.

A major cinema is expected to open in Jeddah by the end of THIS year

A Vox cinema is expected going open in Red Sea Mall very soon, according to Arab News.

The cinema will occupy an 8,000-square-meter space and will have 1,472 seats in 12 halls, including standard and VIP halls, an IMAX screen, a 4DX auditorium with motion-controlled seats, and halls for children.

There will also be special seats for people with special needs.

There is no specific criteria of the films that will be chosen to be played in the cinema but there will be a focus on family movies and those that reflect community values in the Kingdom and the tastes of all age groups.

The cinema is part of an expansion at the mall that includes other entertainment facilities and a large number of restaurants and coffee shops.


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