Prime Users In Saudi Arabia Have A Major Reason To Celebrate Courtesy Of Anghami


Music streaming platform Anghami is Spotify’s biggest rival in the Middle East and North Africa region. They’ve now teamed up with Amazon Prime to give users of Prime a crazy new perk.

Prime subscribers in Saudi Arabia will receive a free six-month subscription to Anghami Plus.

That’s not it, they’re even following up the offer with a 50% off Anghami Plus’s subscription fee for an additional six months. This offer will also be applicable to Prime users in the UAE.

Sans the offer, a weekly subscription of Anghami Plus currently costs 5.75 SAR.

An Aghami Plus subscription includes ad-free music, unlimited downloads, lyrics and a host of other features. While Amazon does have its own music service, Amazon Music Unlimited, it is currently not available in Saudi Arabia.


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