The Largest Car Park Complex Near The Holy Mosque Is (Almost) Ready But Some Aren’t Keen On The Price


Brace yoselves!

Local sources just announced that the largest automated car-park complex in the Middle East has already opened (sorta) near the Haram al-Makki.

(Image Creds: Twitter @hashksa)

And get this, it costs SAR 10 per hour to park there

Kind of perfect for those who live in Jeddah looking to perform their Umrah, needing shorter hours of stay in the vicinity.

Some peeps aren’t all that happy about the price though

“That means 240SR a day, and if you park your car for 3 days, it’ll cost you 720SR!”

Like this user, who argued that for those who’d wish to stay longer the cost would add up to almost SAR 1,000.

While others defended that no one needed to use the parking facility for DAYS

“This is in Al-Aziziya district where it’s close to the holy mosque. It’s not for parking for 3 days! It’s for those who can stay for 2-5 hours in the holy mosque.”


“Why is it SAR 10 per hour, shouldn’t it be SAR 3?”

What are you thoughts on the new parking complex?


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