The New Speed Limits For Vehicles On Some Expressways Will Take Effect Starting TOMORROW


One of the latest changes in Saudi Arabia’s highways is the new speed limit on certain expressways that will take effect from Monday, Feb. 19. Saudi Gazette reports that the new speed limits will be 140kph for regular, small vehicles, 100kph for buses and 80kph for trucks. 

Where are you allowed to drive with these new speed limits?

  • Riyadh-Taif Road westwards and eastwards 
  • Riyadh-Qassim Road northwards, Qassim-Riyadh southwards
  • Makkah-Madinah Road northwards, Madinah- Makkah Road southwards
  • Madinah-Jeddah Road southwards and Jeddah-Madinah Road northwards 

Drivers are being asked to stay on that limit and not exceed it

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted Public Security Director of PR, Sami Bin Muhammed Al- Shuwairikh announced the new speed limits on Saturday, adding that signboards showing the revised speed limits will be put on these highways. 

Al- Shuwairikh stressed the vitality in complying by the speed limits and not exceeding them. The Special Forces for Road Security is advising everyone not to drive at the maximum limit just because of the new increased one.

Either way, this should make those lengthy drives a little less of a struggle. Drive safe, errbody!


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