This Just In: Armin Van Buuren Will Be Playing In Saudi’s First DJ Party Soon


Brace yourselves trance lovers, Armin Van Buuren is scheduled to perform in Jeddah on June 17. This event is being billed as “Saudi’s first DJ party”, in which the 41-year-old DJ-producer will return to the Middle East to perform. 

Armin is scheduled to perform at the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) on June 17

This isn’t the first time that the Dutch sensation is visiting the Middle East. In fact, according to Arab News, Van Buuren has performed in Dubai, Beirut, Bahrain, Jordan and Cairo previously. 

He’s a key player in popularising trance music 

Armin Van Buuren has been ranked number one in “DJ Mag”, and has consistently remained on their top five list, reports Arab News. This event is being supported by the General Entertainment Authority, although it is still unannounced wether it will be a mixed or male-only concert. 

No new details about the performance has been announced yet, but this article will be updated accordingly. 

Another example of the Crown Prince’s Vision 2030 taking place

A DJ coming to the Kingdom can be seen as yet another crossover from the usual performers that come to Saudi. With the General Entertainment Authority’s back-up on this event, it is clear that the country is opening up its doors to allowing more variety of performances here. 

The Kingdom had rapper Nelly perform just months ago, but this one tops the cake. Oh well, we’re not complaining.


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