A Saudi Designer Helped Make An Ice Necklace That Is LITERALLY So Cool

Hera Shabbir

In order to highlight the importance of water shortage in today’s climate crisis, Laila El Mehelmy designed this iced-necklace that is SUPER unique

via GolemStudio

The necklace was designed by a Parisian design studio known as Golem, along with the help of Jeddah’s very own jewelry designer, Laila El Mehelmy. The idea originated after the founder, Ariel Claudet saw people in Berlin rubbing ice on their bodies to cool off after clubbing.

Claudet collaborated with Laila to create the string of silver beads to have the ice cubes frozen onto them

The final product was a chain of silver beads, with seven large beads for the placement of the cubes, which finished off with the ice cubes being frozen on the designated areas. This necklace has a stronger message than you think as the body heat that melts the ice is supposed to highlight the human impact on natural cycles. The designers are trying to highlight how the human race is causing the environemnt to go scarce in certain aspects for their own benefit.

This piece is definitely a statement purchase, and even comes with a silicone ice tray to re-freeze new cubes!

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