The National Day Celebrations Proving Saudis’ Love Of Their Country???


The Saudi kingdom witnessed a huge celebration during the 89th Saudi national day, that took place yesterday September 23 with the featured slogan “Himma Hatta El-Qimmah”

Celebrations began since last Thursday and continued for 5 consecutive days

Also, the rallies on the streets and main roads did not stop during all these days until yesterday evening

Let’s see the most prominent events and celebrations in different cities during this occasion;

Fireworks at Ithra Center, Dhahran, Eastern Region

The Global Show “Star Island” – Al-Hamra Corniche in Jeddah

Al Himma Road”- Green Halls, Riyadh

Since the 60’s Orchestra – Princess Nora University, Riyadh

Concerts in 10 different cities

Military Parade – Abha, Asir

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